A short video
By: The Epstein Campaign
A short video
By: The Epstein Campaign
David Epstein's Press Release
In 2010 EPSTEIN received 1202 votes equaling 0.148 per-cent
for mayor of

In 2011 EPSTEIN received 846 votes equaling 2.6 per-cent for
York-Centre MPP.
The province of Ontario has a debt of over $200 Billion.  Our government
has no logical plan to end this dangerous action and all of Ontario's
programs need to be audited.  Once this is done, we can
make more educated decisions on how to stop this deficit.

Our ability to grow both provincial and municipal programs is dependent
on tax revenue.  Our debt has grown and continues to grow without
consequence.  If Ontario continues to ignore this and miss the opportunity
to organize our spending, we will be put in a position where we have no
choice but to cut programs; programs you depend on!

David Epstein wants to ensure every tax dollar that Ontario brings in is
used to its full potential.  The only way this is possible is to make
Ontario's spending transparent for all to see.

It is your hard earned money; don't you want to know where it is going?
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